Microcurrent Treatment

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A microcurrent is a very mild (one millionth of an ampere) electric current, which feels like a gentle tingle at most. It works by re-training the muscles of the face for lasting, real results. This current, which runs through two Q-tip based probes (pictured on the right) is applied to the face, which stimulates the muscles, making them more taut or loose depending on the desired results (thicker skin, increased collagen, more rapidly healing tissues, and a general healthy glow). The current is also used to treat acupuncture points to enhance health, rejuvenate the body, and improve natural energy flow. With this treatment both women and men can look and feel younger, have more energy, feel more relaxed, and come away with an overall sense of improved health.

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I had the most wonderful massage in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Highly recommend.

Amanda Young

I had the most wonderful and divine experience at the Sanctuary Beauty Clinic. I felt completely spoilt and walked out of there on cloud 9.

Leonie Thomas

I had a beautiful massage this morning very happy and I’ll definitely be returning.... I have felt so relaxed all day.

Melissa Dunne-Rowles